Packaging & Shipping Supplies

American Packaging Distributors Corp. is a Packaging and Shipping Supplies Distributor. If you are a Camden, NJ business that distributes a large amount of goods on a daily basis, you might want to come to us.


We sell everything that has to do with Camden, NJ packaging and shipping, We have large equipment with sophisticated technology and small items like tape dispensers and high quality staplers and staples. Increase the efficiency of your shipping dept by getting the right equipment for the job.

If you have any questions about what piece of packaging and shipping supplies you should get, please give us a call – 800-776-0597.

Own a Retail Store?

If you find yourself spending too much on shipping or packaging supplies, please talk to us! Wholesale costs are much more manageable if you have the customer base. If your customers are complaining about Camden, NJ shipping and handling costs, upgrade your system, so you dont have to charge as much to compete with your competitors.

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